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We are a civil and environmental engineering firm with deep Texas roots and a profound belief that trusted relationships are core to sustainability.

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Who We

Based in Central Texas, our firm is a living legacy to the commitment of our founders: two lifelong friends dedicated to the mission of providing civil engineering expertise to the public and private sector. Southwest Engineers is dedicated to the simple philosophy of “working miracles for our clients every day.” Our staff includes civil, environmental and chemical engineers, design technicians, and CAD operators who support the day-to-day needs of clients across the state.

Mixed in with the Texas spirit that effective planning and design can benefit from a common respect, collaboration and perhaps even a love of BBQ. We take great pride in contributing to our client’s success and for the past 30 years, have been delivering the most innovative and reliable plans for land development and site construction.


Clarence Littlefield founded Southwest Engineers in September 1978 with the simple goal of serving communities throughout Texas. He started the business on the value of trusted relationships. Our team and business have continued to flourish because we bring the talent and expertise for a successful partnership regardless of whether it’s a rural or urban project. We have brought our engineering skills to all corners of Texas and can proudly say we truly know our way around here. The work we do remains supported by our belief in the values of family, honesty and integrity. We take pride in engineering the state of Texas and do so with dedication and heart. Projects are always handled with care as clients are welcome into our family. We are happy to work in an environment of trust and comfort and have built a firm established in loyalty. For 39 years and counting, our legacy remains rooted to a strong moral compass, continuously guiding our work ethic and reinforcing our shared vision of community, quality and trust.

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One of our greatest prides is our work family. Over nearly 40 years we have created an environment where employees want to build successful, fulfilling careers. Through ongoing education and challenging projects, we promote personal growth to benefit each employee and the team’s success. We have an established work place that encourages creative thinking, growth, exceptional performance and family values. Southwest Engineers was also honored in 2016 to be designated as a “Best Places to Work” by the Austin Business Journal. 

We are partners and friends in and out of the office, often sharing lunches, hiking and exercising together, seeing the latest movies, and celebrating our birthdays with true Texas style at the BBQ pit. The laughter and camaraderie we have developed translates into the successful dynamic we demonstrate when completing projects together. At Southwest Engineers, we are more than a firm, we are a family.

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